Transportation of CTS blocks inside buildings is carried out using overhead cranes. In the absence of this possibility, trucks, trailers, tractors with sleds or a metal sheet with a thickness of at least 3 mm are used to transport the blocks to the installation site. For short distances across floors, transformers are moved using winches with a pulling force of 5-8 T along rollers made of scraps of metal pipes with a diameter of 3-4". using an increased number of rollers (at least four per block). In this case, the winch cable must be fixed to the circumference of the cabinet, taking measures against damage to the paint, and not to the cross-braces of the ero base. Boxes with a load of up to 1 t can be transported on roller and other trolleys or move with roller crowbars. The descent of the blocks into the basement or the supply from floor to floor, [when the lifting device is not applicable, is performed along an inclined floor. The flooring is made of houses with a thickness of 40 MM on a sleeper layout, fastened construction staples. To raise or lower transformers filled with oil or sovtol, the slope of this flooring should not exceed 15 °, i.e. the length ero along the inclined line should be at least four times the height. ruz on an inclined plane must be lowered with a brake winch. Due to the tightness in the premises, it is often necessary to use hoists, chain hoists, pull blocks, etc. In such cases, it is necessary to clarify the permissible loads on the building elements of buildings to which lifting devices are fixed. 

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