Packaged Transformer

Complete transformer substations (KTP) are the most important link in the power supply, which receives energy from high-voltage lines with subsequent processing and direction to household networks of lower voltage. The transformer substation accepts alternating three-phase current 6/10 kV with a frequency of 50/60 Hz, converting it into energy 0.4/0.23 kV. The functions of the PTS also include protection against short circuits and excessive loads.

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Packaged Transformer 

The KazElectroSnab plant manufactures package transformer substations with a rated power of 180 to 560 kVA with the following versions: , CTS-560-T. At the same time, substations with a capacity of 180 kva are only single-transformer, the rest are both single and double transformer. two-transformer substations are equipped with two single-transformer substations, between which there is a cabinet with a sectional machine. For substation 560 kVA, the cabinet is equipped with an ATS device. For reasons of better operating conditions and reduction in the length of the switchgear, two-transformer substations can be installed in two rows. For this purpose, the plant supplies a special bus duct connecting the busbars of the opposite cabinets. The input device is a sheet steel cabinet attached to the end of the power transformer. Cabinets, depending on the PTS power supply scheme adopted by the Project, are supplied: 1) for tight connection; 2) for connection through a disconnector; 3) for connection via a fuse disconnector. In the presence of a disconnector, the ero drive is displayed on the side surface of the block. The bottom of the box has two holes for power input, designed for three-core cables with a cross section of up to 150 mm 2.

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